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1} Getting started on groovepal: To become a groovepal member simply register on the sign up page by entering the following detail:

a}First name
b}Last name
c}email address amd password
e}Date of Birth
g}Select your favourite music genres,this allows you to connect with other users on the website who enjoys the similar music style.

2} What does "My Groovespot Location " mean?

This is simply the name of the venue i.e nightclub,festival,concert,where you've been partying and having a good time.We encourage users to update their Groovespot location(s)  frequently.

3} How do i update "My Groovespot Location"
There are two ways to do this (a) A pop up appears once dailywhen you log into your groovepal account which allows you to update your Groove Spot Location. (b) Another way is by going to your profile page,click on the yellow pencil image under where it says "My Groovespot Location" and you will get a drop down that allows you to enter a location.

4} How can i update or change my personal details
Just click on "Update profile detail" from your profile page and you will see a drop down,simply click on the yellow pencil image in fromt of what ever information you want to edit and click save when you are done.

5} How can i control who views my profile?
The Groovepal privacy settings allows you to control who gets access to the informations on your profile.Simply go to "settings" then click on "set privacy options" and choose from the three options of full access,partial access or  not accessible,whichever suites your requirement.

6} I've forgotten my password. What do I do?
Just click on the link Forgot Password? on the Sign In page and follow the simple instructions to reset it.

7} How do I delete my profile?
If you really want to delete your groovepal account simply go to "Setting" and select the option of either making your Groovepal account Inactive which gives you the chance to reactivate your account at any time or have it permanently deleted.


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